You can make purchases and put orders through our e-shop by using the search engines. Once you have chosen a product you can place it in your online shopping cart.
When you have chosen all the products you wish to buy, click on the Shopping Cart link, where you will be asked to specify a payment and shipping method.

1. Payment methods and payment security

You can pay:

• By credit card
• Through PayPal

• Viva Wallet
• Skrill

• Western Union
• Bank Wires/Sepa Payments

Our Website does not store any credit/debit card information. In order to make your transactions, you are directly connected to a hyperlink under the responsibility of the Bank via which you conduct your transaction. So, our Site does not use, for any reason, any credit/debit or any other card the information of which you have typed, as these are not visible to us.
If you have chosen the PayPal system to make any payment to our online store, then your transaction is subject to the PayPal Terms and Conditions. The same applies to all issues of personal data that this company collects and which you accept when registering for this service.
2Shipping Costs


Price ( )











The above prices are for reference only, the actual price is subject to the courier company

Free shipping for orders over 50€ inside Greece, worldwide free shipping for orders over 90

3. Order Cancellation

In case you want to cancel your order, a cancellation can be done by sending an e-mail one (1) hour after it was registered to the system and, in any case, prior to the departure of your order from our online store.
4. Information on product availability
In case the products you ordered for some reason are not readily available, you will be informed by e-mail about the exact delivery time.
If you agree with the new delivery time, you will have to reply to our e-mail if you want your order to remain active.
5. Return policy
- Defective Product Return Policy
The customer has the right to return the product if it is defective. The products should be checked at the time of delivery and in case of tampering or another defect, be returned on-site. In this case the shipping costs are charged to our company.
- Non-defective Product Return Policy
The customer has the right to return non-defective products within 14 days from the date of shipment. The product must be returned unused and in its original packaging. In this case, shipping costs are charged to the customer.